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Try Our New Non-Chlorinated 50-State Compliant Brake Cleaner

Non-Chlorinated 50-state Brake CleanerBrakes squealing and chattering? Have you tried our Non-Chlorinated 50-State Compliant Brake Cleaner? Our reformulated, non-chlorinated 50-state compliant Brake Cleaner features an ultra-low VOC content with full-strength cleaning power. It quickly and easily removes brake fluid, oil, grease and other brake assembly contaminants from brake parts while also helping to silence disc brake squeal and chatter. Shop owners will appreciate how its effectiveness extends the cleaning capability of a single can and benefit from the associated reduced waste.

Here are a few additional benefits:

  • Superior Cleaning
  • Powerful Blasting Spray
  • Penetrates Quickly Without Disassembly
  • Cleans Brake Hard Parts As Well As Linings
  • Leaves No Residue

Our patent pending non-chlorinated 50-state compliant brake cleaner is available exclusively at Advance Auto Parts. Learn more about its official release here.

Non-Chlorinated 50-state Brake Cleaner