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How & Why Lubricate Your Car: The Rules Of Lubricating Your Car

Squeaky Car Lubricant Zep Auto

Is your car making a squeaking noise? It is possible that your car needs lubricating. Here is everything you need to know about lubricating your car. 

Why Lubricate Your Car?

We recommend that you grease your vehicle twice a year. This will stop your car from sounding like it’s about to fall apart. But most importantly, it’ll prevent corrosion, rust and costly repairs.

What Parts Of Your Car Should You Lubricate?

Did you know, you can lubricant and grease car parts like your battery terminals? Other parts that should be lubricated include the following:

  • Gas tank lid
  • Hood hinges
  • Door hinges
  • Window channels
  • Plug insulators
  • Distributor caps
  • Metal surfaces
  • Metal-to-metal joints
  • And antennas

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

There are three lubricants you can use: White Lithium Grease, Penetrating Lubricant Spray and Silicone Spray. Use Zep White Lithium Grease to prevent rust and corrosion on any and all hinges. It repels water and holds up under harsh conditions. Just spray, work it into hinges and wipe away any excess product.

Use our Penetrating Lubricant Spray to loosen rusted and frozen parts. It has superior lubricity and protects metal surfaces.

For squeaky parts and keeping your battery terminals clean use Silicone Lubricant. As a battery terminal cleaner, it extends your battery life by weatherproofing ignition systems, plug insulators and distributor caps. Use it on doors, window channels and hard to locate squeaking parts. You can also use it on antennas. It improves radio reception by sealing out moisture. See the chart below for more detail:

Lubricant Chart Zep Automotive

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